Muckross Farm

Stepping back into the past we visited Muckross Traditional Farms enjoying a great lunch cooked over a wood stove and then we visited a very different Ireland – the Ireland of the 1930s and 1940s. A trip to the well was still a daily chore for the housewife and electricity had yet to be introduced to the countryside.

The horse reigned supreme - all farming activities were carried out using horsepower and traditional farm machinery. The rhythm of life followed a yearly cycle and the farmer's activities were governed by the seasons and the weather.

We visited three separate working farms (small, medium and large), each complete with animals, poultry and machinery. The farm dwellings are furnished in traditional style, complete with dressers, settlebeds and meal-bins and bedpans. There also was a Labourer's Cottage, a Carpenter's Workshop and a Blacksmith's Forge.

For me, this was like the farm that my grandfather operated in the Niagara peninsula. The old horse drawn equipment brought back many memories of my childhood. What an adventure in nostalgia!

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