Temagami Fire

Too close for comfort.

Marge stopped me at work at a neighbours cottage on Sunday when she, not I, saw the heavy plumes of smoke to the south of us. We quickly took our boat to the landing to move our car into town by the train station. The fire appeared to be heading directly toward the landing. We came back to the cottage from town by boat and watched five or six water bombers pick up water and drop it on the fire. It was really windy and the fire moved very quickly just bypassing the landing and appeared to be headed toward Temagami Marine. Residents along the highway just south of our exit road were evacuated. I went over to the landing at 6:30 and watched the water bombers fly overhead dropping their water. Spectacular! The fire was about 100 yards south of the landing. A fire fighter came to the landing and suggested that we get out ASAP. Our neighbour from the cottage next door invited us to stay with him in New Liskeard over night - we headed there at 7:45 leaving our boat at the town docks overnight. The smoke was really heavy at times and our cottage smelled of smoke (as well as our clothes).

This morning we returned to our cottage after checking a few of our friends places. Temagami Marine appears to be okay. Our island, at this time, was not hit by fire but the fire - in a lesser state - continues to burn. Today they were dropping water using huge bags carried by helicopters over any hot spots. I heard that they also have firefighters on ground trying to curtail the fire.

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